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Greater than a decade into its ownership by Ford Motor Corporation, Aston-Martin is in very good condition. The newly released DB9 model (the DB8 designation was skipped due to possible confusion, as that car might have a V12 engine) joins the stunning Vanquish, and next year can come a convertible DB9 along with a 'budget' model, the AMV8 Vantage.

Quality of construction and finished is preferable to before, whilst there's much less reliance upon hand-building than was once the situation at Aston-Martin, the standard brand values of luxurious spottiness are very definitely intact.

The V12 models all occupy a territory that is unrivaled, however the forthcoming AMV8 Vantage is anticipated to search hard to the market arts presently covered with Porsche.

What matters most is the fact that Aston-Martin owners - and there are much more of them now than in the past still feel feeling of owned by a unique private members' club.

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