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Having concluded its breakup from Rolls-Royce (and were able to keep its spiritual home of Crewe) Bentley is rolling with full confidence.

The Continental GT, the closest thing yet to a bargain Bentley, has received a rapturous reception, and is constantly on the open new markets all over the world with much encouragement from parent company Volkswagen.

The older models continue in production, but they are gradually being overhauled. Newly declared and drawing much in the Queen of England's State Limousine in presence otherwise scale, may be the Amage Limousine.

That other leviathan from the Bentley collection, the Continental R remains offered too, but and then special order from people who similar to their two doer coupes to assume the proportion of tracks.

A convertible variant from the Continental GT is rumoured to become in the late stages of development, but no official pronouncements have yet occurred.

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