BMW Mini

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When BMW decided during the days when it owned Rover to revise the favorite but aged Mini, the very first decision could be that the car would need to grow in proportions. Despite tries to emulate the pleasing curves from the original car, its up-scaling was under successful, and criticisms flew thick and fast.

Nevertheless the company rode it and Mini continues to be gaining increasingly more friends in the last few years. To keep interest a convertible version has been announced and will also soon be accessible using the lively Cooper S engine package.

Meanwhile the 3 petrol engines are also accompanied by a diesel version, which because of a six-speed transmission can punch how heavy it is in traffic, but still cruise at sensible motorway speeds.

Providing director Gary Grey having a trailer-load of Coopers to be used in his recent remake from the Italian Job has helped locate the vehicle back to the territory from the original BMC Mini.

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