Caterham Classic

Caterham Classic

The entry-level Seven runs on the compact, but free-revving, 1.4 litre four cylinder engine with five-speed transmission.

This really is housed in a minimalist body shell built about the familiar space frame, and may be purchased either in kit form or like a ready-to-run complete car.

Ultra light in weight and packaged having a double wishbone front, deDion rear live axle suspension system, the Classic gives the driver thrills a plenty.

Avoid using it in the rain -weatherproofing is minimal and also the car is claustrophobia-inducing once the roof is on but on the sunny day or on the track is immensely enjoyable.

Car Details
Body Shell: 
2 Seater Sports
1400cc 4 Cylinder
5 Speed
Price (USD): 
From $25,000
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