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After too long in the doldrums, producing so-so cars that wouldn't enhance the heartbeat above sloth-like levels. Chrysler is a car maker to become given serious attention again.

Spearheading the revolution may be the all-new 300, an automobile that has taken America by storm, heralding coming back to that particular legend from the automotive world; the Hemi engine.

Named following the form of its combustion chambers, the Chrysler hemi was the mainstay of street racers in the 1960s, and today's reincarnation will be found in the 300s slab-sided, brutal body shell. Chrysler has intends to roll this car out into other markets, including the majority of Europe.

Also noteworthy may be the Crossfire, which shares a lot of its hardware using the Mercedes-Benz SLK - but dresses it in distinctly Chrysler bodywork.

By having an open-top version from the retro-styled FT Cruiser and also the elegant Pacifica, the near future hasn't looked this bright for DaimlerChryslers primary American brand for several years.

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