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Settling properly into its world role like a General Motors budget brand, Daewoo is entering a time of sustained growth with new models gradually entering production. Having learned in the excellent little Matiz how the mixture of smart European body and chassis design with emerging country amounts of build cost results in quality value for those.

Daewoo has moved to the next phase using the Kalos and Lacetti models. This is then further new models (using the Nubira sedan replacement looking ever-more urgent) within the next few years, since the brand benefits from increased research and development resources supplied by its parent group.

General Motors recently announced that Daewoo's technical centre in Korea may have an ever-bigger role in the GM family, and they are searching for a ‘halo car’ which will gain Daewoo global approval, almost as much ast the MX-5 has achieved for Mazda. So expect interesting things from Daewoo In the future.

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