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Despite building cars for close on the century, Daihatsu remains one of Japan's smallest auto makers; it is dwarfed through the likes of Toyota and Honda.

Daihatsu could never compete in the volume car market with no considerable level of outside help, instead the organization has concentrated exclusively on building small cars, and helped itself offset development costs with a number of strategic agreements, not minimal which is by using Perodua in Malaysia.

Host from the product is quirky and, to European eyes, over-fussy In relation to styling. But once in awhile they come up with a complete gem: the Terios micro off-roader and also the Copen two-seater sports vehicle are great examples of cars which capture the imagination of buyers all over the world.

Another cars in the range appear to have been built down to a cost, but there are worse sins that the manufacturer can commit; Daihatsu recognize that there will always be an industry for cheaper cars.

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