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With an unmatchable combination of management car and driver, Ferrari's F1 team appears unbeatable and also the latest line-up of cars in the road-going division is similarly strong.

The newly-announced 612 Scaglietti; named in tribute to some prototyping house with long links towards the Modena house is a true flagship vehicle overtaking in the revered 456M, a classically-proportioned front engined 2+2 Grand Tourer targeted at providing exclusive transport for the super-rich.

The 575M Maranello is similarly designed with a front-mounted V12, but this time a genuine two-seater for the very rich in a hurry. The 'affordable' Ferrari, the mid-engined 360 Modena, continues for the time being a larger engined version continues to be seen prowling the hills above Modena. Whichever you select, you're buying to the most charismatic name in sports cars.

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