Fiat Albea

Fiat Albea

Reaching out to the Eastern bloc in the days prior to the 2004 broadening of EC membership, Fiat used this reworking from the Brava sedan to spearhead its campaign.

Built in Turkey and sold there and in Poland, the vehicle is functional and modestly-powered; the strongest engine available is a 103PS 16v unit.

Proven and paid for (and therefore it may be sold at competitive local prices) the Albea feels just like a decade-old European design, however the local markets like it, apparently.

Fiat has always done well with reiterations of old ideas in the eastern bloc - but EU expansion might force a rethink of this policy, and much more modern cars may be the result.

Car Details
Body Shell: 
4 Door Sedan
4 Cylinder Petrol
5 Speed Manual / Automatic
Price (USD): 
Around $8,000
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