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The blue oval has lost its coveted second-biggest car maker in the world status (behind General Motors) to Toyota, but that has not triggered any sense of panic within the marque’s Dearborn headquarters.

Instead, it comes with an air of unbridled optimism that they'll soon not only regain the 2nd place, but will overhaul GM to the bargain.

The number of Ford cars available all over the world is excellent (even though it needs the aid of its prestige brands for example Jaguar and Volvo to boost credibility) and there are signs that it is going to go into the Chinese market having a low-cost derivative of Focus which supports the large picture.

Mustang and GT, each of which hark to a golden age of performance cars in looks, but look forward in relation to driving dynamics. Ford accustomed to declare that being # 2 in the world built them into go the extra mile. Being # 3 appears to be making them continue to work harder still.

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