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General Motors’ Australian division includes a curious line-up: some of its product is suitable for the size of the continent that may take several weeks to traverse; and therefore it is quite closely aligned to the American ideal of big engines, long cars and cozy suspension - whilst addititionally there is urban-car product transplanted from Europe.

The Barina (a Corsa by another name) Astra and Vectra are types of the latter, whilst the first kind category has such machinery since the Monaro (itself now exported to Europe) and also the Commodore.

Interestingly, even though it was the first car maker to fabricate an all-Australian car and it has been locked right into a battle for market dominance with Ford for decades, the actual threat towards the Australian industry comes from Japan, with Toyota and Honda both especially strong.

However when it comes to big native machinery, it is still Holden store the initiative.

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