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Despite its relatively small scale of operations when put alongside Toyota, Honda remains Japan’s most fascinating auto maker. Asia’s reaction to the European techno-house of Audi, its IMA; for instance, is a truly practical petrol-electric hybrid car, and also the NSX remains the very best supercar that nobody has heard about.

In between these comes an everyman selection of cars, in the simple elegance of their Jazz city car to the Volvo-rivalling Accord Tourer.

Addititionally there is the 1.0 litre Insight, a strange-looking little hybrid car that, because the introduction from the IMA, has fallen out favour. Countering that (rare) sales failure may be the S2000; a neat two-seater sports vehicle that feels distinctly European in execution.

Honda has some interesting product in the pipeline, such as a petrol-electric hybrid version from the Civic Type R which promises sparkling performance allied to outstanding economy Watch also for any stunning new sports coupe in the not too distant future.

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