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Once the American military decided it needed a robust functional, go-anywhere and go there quickly machine, a bright spark created the HMV. The Humvee, as that model is famous in USAAF circles, achieved such instant success it was inevitable that the civilian version would follow.

That's the Hummer, made by General Motors, and sold to people to whom the biggest, toughest, Land Rover or GMC or Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon is simply too soft Wider than many trucks and riding excessive that step-ladders are advised for access, the Hummer emerges in two variants: the all-action open-top HI and also the closed cab H2.

And can you believe that there is a substantial market emerging for stretched versions from the H2 for individuals who think about a stretch Lincoln or Cadillac too much of a social understatement?

This isn't an automobile for shrinking violets - Bruce Willis and Arnold Swarzenegger and both fans, apparently; but when you cannot are in position to be ignored, a Hummer may be the car for you personally.

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