Hyundai Centennial

Hyundai Centennial

Created to suit the well, it is tough to work at whom this car is aimed aside from taste-challenged politicians in the emerging world - the Centennial is a large and imposing car that it is hard to ignore, no matter how hard you try.

Provided with whether V6 or perhaps a V8 under its lengthy bonnet, and packed with just about everything that it is possible to bring along right into a sedan, the equipment is tailored for providing luxury transport for five.

Don't search for any type of driver involvement - it's not that sort of girl - simply for soft, billowing comfort for the occupants and their golf equipment.

Hyundai's impression of the 1970s American sedan appears to sell, no matter its looks.

Car Details
Body Shell: 
4 Door Sedan
V6 / V8 Cylinder Petrol
4/5 Speed Manuaul / Automatic
Price (USD): 
From $30,500
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