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Most widely known because of its range of light trucks; they appear to be moving from builders to furniture on every continent.

Isuzu also produces a selection of five multi-purpose and sports utility vehicles (SUVs) - only one which is for sale in Britain. This really is prone to change soon, as Isuzu are seriously considering rolling the brand new Axiom right into a wider marketplace, to capitalise on global demand for cars that offer a halfway house between an SUV along with a multi-purpose vehicle.

Allied to General Motors; Isuzu's primary interest are creating trucks and buses but despite the fact that power of expertise they create SUVs that are much better than may be expected.

Once in some time it is suggested that Isuzu is a brand so great it should build cars, but that's not likely to happen, especially since Daewoo is part from the General Motors family, instead they'll leave the Isuzu individuals to keep on doing the things they're doing best, providing flexible SUVs around the world.

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