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The makers of this all-American hero the Jeep Wrangler; which could trace its lineage back so far as the Willy’s Jeep of Second World War fame has become a part from the DaimlerChrysler monolith, but there's little proof of any interference from headquarters in Germany - yet.

On the other hand, the Jeep family appears to be as American as Apple Pie. Dunkin’ Donuts along with a hunting rifle in every home. For 2005; was the Grand Cherokee, and updated versions from the other set of Jeeps, the Wrangler and also the Liberty.

Despite ever-more-luxurious interior trim Jeeps can stilt lay claim that they can excellent off-road performance, and also the company's sales in its homeland keep growing, regardless of the premier Grand Cherokee model reaching the run-out phase In readiness because of its replacement Rumours exist of plans by DaimlerChrysler to grow sates from the Jeep brand by reaching into more countries, where it may be sold alongside Mercedes-Benz without an excessive amount of difficulty.

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