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Kia is a car maker that is ideally positioned to develop its business - also it can achieve this with no tariff of any major changes to its range because of some clever model configurations.

With three factories in the area surrounding Seoul, Korea, along with a new facility going to seriously stream in Slovakia inside the coming year, the organization is positioned to fulfill all its existing markets - which there are already a lot more than 150 - with dramatic expansion into Eastern Europe.

The option of cars is comprehensive - it's cars in all key size sectors, a sports utility vehicle (SUV) and 2 multipurpose vehicles (MPV) - and also the advantage of simple, durable and reliable mechanical components, a lot of which serve over the various model ranges.

Even though cars might look ungainly to European eyes, this isn't apparently an issue about the wider world stage, where Kia is constantly on the accrue increasingly more sales every year.

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