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This offshoot from the Fiat empire has had its share of troubled times: no more available in many markets and relegated to some minority in those in which it is stilt offered.

Poor reliability was the main reason for the lack of faith in the brand throughout the 1980s, an issue long-since remedied. Interestingly, regardless of the insufficient market presence Lancia has gradually eclipsed its stable mate brand Alfa Romeo in the past few years - which proves they're getting something right.

Drivers in those countries not able to buy a Lancia are missing interesting cars, most famously the 'city car with attitude' going to arrive. Ypsilon, and also the brand’s executive express Thesis.

There's also a compact people carrier, sharing a lot of its components using the Fiat Idea, along with a larger machine. Phedra (all Lancias are named after letters in the Greek alphabet) sharing much using the Ulysse from Fiat, along with the Peugeot 807. Lancia may also make coming back to sports vehicle - a brand new Fulvia two-seater coupe was recently shown - which may round from the range nicely.

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