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Ford North America's luxury car brand was always perceived as a direct equal to near neighbours Cadillac. Nowadays, however, Lincoln is increasingly chasing a younger market - its typical buyers, in normal with many prestige brands, are ageing then one needed to be completed to address that - which shows by its current portfolio of models.

The Aviator is directed at the lucrative ‘bling-bling’ market who desire something as large and subtle as a rapper's choice of jewellery, whilst the LS is a sports saloon targeted at those whose status in society has outgrown a hot Ford, but who don't wish to leave the household with the blue oval since it's crest.

For traditional Lincoln buyers there continues to be Town Car, however the days of that model is possibly numbered: Ford would really like traditional buyers of this car to migrate to a different family product, the Jaguar XJ sedan.

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