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BMW has Bentley. Volkswagen is going to revive Bugatti, what exactly is DaimlerChrysler to complete? Revive Maybach, that is what Maybach was a pre-World War II maker of luxury cars that, to become fair, has been technologically advanced and also the very epitome of luxury, but in all honesty, wasn't exactly at the top of the list of near-legends that infest the motoring world.

Regardless, the Maybach (pronounced as if there was a β€˜t’ in front from the final β€˜ch’) has become back. Two versions can be found, the 57 and also the 62; nomenclature originates from the respective lengths from the cars, the 57 being a lot more than 5.7 metres long and also the 62 being yes, you have it, 6.2 metres.

Truly huge, by anybody's standards. The cars bristle with technology, a great chunk from it being available towards the occupants from the rear seat - about the premise these are the those who have paid for the cars. DaimlerChrysler visit great lengths to clarify towards the impertinent that these are much more than re-bodied Mercedes-Benz S-Class cars.

With prices which are several times those demanded for the most heavily-specified S55, they have to come up with a substantive argument.

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