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Since unshackling itself from BMW in 1999, MG-Rover Group continues to be working hard to isolate both brands from each other. Regardless of the inherent difficulty of sharing several key body shells, the group seems to be achieving this. Much credit have to go to the design and engineering teams at MG, who together manage to give MG cars a definite identity.

The large question is how long the brand can continue using its mid-range models, the 200-based ZR and 400-based ZS; both are showing how old they are, but their replacement(s) seem still a way off.

The MG-TF and ZT/ZT-T models, fortunately, are supporting well - the second particularly so because the introduction of the rear drive V8-engined version.

The introduction of the SV shows that MG’s future rote will increasingly lean towards those of providers of British sports saloons and coupes - whether they can make it pay.

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