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In the ownership of the same family since its creation in 1912 - which makes it a unique focal point in the English motor Industry-Morgan cars might appear to become little changed because the 1960s, but actually looks deceive; underneath the skin the cars meet all safety and emission requirements.

The entry-level 4/4 continues to be a consistently good seller for the Malvern-based manufacturer, but it's the Aero 8 that's now probably the most desired Morgans; consistent on-track success at such circuits as Le Mans. Sebring and Monza underlines the car's road capabilities.

New for 2005 may be the Roadster, which takes about the mantle of the Plus & all of the which presented of the Malvern Link factory in May 2004; the model no more meets emission standards, so continues to be replaced through the sharp new V6-engined Roadster.

Cars continue to be built around a steel chassis carrying a treated ash frame that the body panels are attached - and long may it's so.

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