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Horatio Pagani has spent all his working life on the planet of fast cart: early F3 race car successes in Argentina lad to his summary of that racing legend Jean Manuel Fangio, who opened doors for the young designer in Italy. Joining Lamborghini Pagani became active in the creation of such cars since the Countach.

He struck on his own in early 1990s to begin a carbon fibre prototyping business, which resulted in the car shown here: this can be a project which took tan years to obtain from idea to reality, which is hoped it won't be the only model to deal with the name of this talented engineer.

Unlike these products of many specialist manufacturers, the Zonda is here on the scene following a wealth of testing, and provides the impression to be fully formed These problems are vital once the asking price for any new Zonda is taken into consideration, and when you're competing against established brands for example Lamborghini and Ferrari.

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