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The German sports vehicle maker appears to be gaining strength from year upon year; despite countless suggestions it should kill off the ageing 911 series the model will not go quietly, and also the range of models for the reason that series are now being constantly reinvented, resulting in yet more satisfied owners.

The Boxster too is more popular than before, and the familiar roadster is a result of be joined inside the next year with a closed roof version that will allow yet more capacity to be pushed with the cars chassis. Tha other major player within the Porsche arsenal of guided missiles may be the Cayenne, the brand's first foray to the world of luxury sports utility vehicles (SUVs).

Like the majority of SUVs Cayennes are rarely seen knee-deep in mud - although it can deal with those situations with consummate ease - but rather parked within the paddock at race meetings and collecting offspring externally expensive fee-paying schools.

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