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Now financially aligned with Nissan, Renault appears to keep adding new models to its group of cars. The most recent arrivals, Modus and Logan, are both vehicles targeted at low-spending drivers (Logan is supposed for emerging markets and can sell for €5000, Modus for the young within the leisure vehicle sector) however the range of Renaults extends right as much as the luxurious - and expensive - Vel Satis.

Head of design Patrick le Quement is spending so much time to impose his will about the styling of Renaults, which is why most share the ‘bay window’ rear aspects, as well as an instantly recognisable frontal appearance.

Today's Renault range is easily the most interesting ever- plus they are cornering the market in multi-purpose vehicles, in the Modus to the Grand Espace. The next generation of Clio is going to be vital to Renault's success, though - even though it is good for the company's designers to experience with big cars, the actual earnings originate from high volume models. And also the Clio is the highest volume Renault.

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