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One of the world's most revered car brands, for the latter decades Rolls Royce is at the shadow, if perhaps in sales terms, of their step-sibling Bentley. Rebirth was signalled by relocation to Southern England, whilst Bentley remained in Crewe.

It could took such as the British Library on wheels when viewed front-on, however the Goodwood-built Phantom - the first RR to appear since BMW assumed ownership is really a truly awesome bit of machinery.

Despite its German ownership and senior management, Rolls-Royce is resolutely British in the mindset. Watch out for a convertible version - this should possess a roof rivalling that of the Welsh National Stadium in size - soon.

The big question facing Rolls-Royce is whether or not the brand, which in fact had its reputation dented just a little by early reliability issues with the old Silver Shadow, continues to have what it takes to keep interest. In the end, there is now competition from Maybach, and Bentley hasn't gone away.

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