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Since retrieval in the hands of BMW. Rover is becoming Britain's biggest domestically owned car maker. Despite being financially challenged, the organization is managing to construct some fine cars: the classic lines of the 75 and far attention to quality has ensured the model still remains a popular with executive car buyers, as well as the ageing 25 was handed a new take on life when designer Peter Stevens ended up a new variant, Streetwise.

An upgraded for the 25 and 45 models - both which are based on relatively ancient Honda models in the era when Rover was allied to that particular manufacturer- is promised soon, but in the meantime Rover has re-entered the pocket-sized car market thanks to some pot venture with Indian manufacturer Tata which resulted in the City Rover.

Imminent deliveries are required of the 75 V8, which runs on the sophisticated 4.6 litre power unit beneath its bonnet- this really is more than simply shoe-homing a sizable engine to the front of the car, since the V8 will break with Rover's front wheel drive tradition by putting its power with the rear wheels. Financial security continues to be some way off, however the future for Rover is cautiously optimistic.

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