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Rooted within the aircraft industry Saab soldiered on for many years, building desirable and interesting cars on without any budget; the brand promoted using turbochargers in saloon cars, and it is models featured such idiosyncrasies being an ignition key which locked the vehicle into reverse gear.

However the vicissitudes of the industry were against it and finally it was forced to succumb towards the might of globalization and be another General Motors brand.

Fortunately GM has allowed the marque to prosper in the own right, also it now has a fascinating pair of cars. They are soon to be accompanied by a sports-utility vehicle.

There's a suggestion that GM plans for Saab being as potent a force for your group as Volvo has for Ford. Criticisms how the cars are rebodied Opels are unfair; whilst they share many components, Saab cars have the ability to feel unique towards the brand, and still feet distinctly Swedish.

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