Samsung Logo

Better known in Europe as a maker of cell phones. DVD players and other clever electronic things, Samsung is a car maker. Part of the Nissan-Renault group since 2000, the brand comes primarily in the homeland of Korea, where it performs an important function as a vanguard into emerging markets; where both Renault and Nissan have traditionally been weak.

Both model selection of Samsung cars contains nothing exciting. They're functional practical and affordable without having to be especially stylish - but you are still sufficiently good to take a tenth of the Korean marketplace for new cars.

Expect greater input for Renault later on, much as has happened with middle Europe's Dacia brand; there's apparently possible that the Dacia Logan will end up available with a Samsung badge in 2005. It will likely be interesting to determine how much influence Renault's design team can exert within the appearance of future Samsung models.

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