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Yet another offshoot of the General Motors brand - and also the number of brands it controls is definitely an indicator of why GM may be the world's biggest motor manufacturer- Saturn is tailored for reaching younger end of the market.

There's a suggestion within Detroit's circle of gossips how the brand has been positioned to change the recently-mothballed Oldsmobile. A four model line-up (with a brand new sports car because of roll in a year approximately) covers the bases of sedan, sports utility, and multipurpose sectors.

The oddball in the household is the L300, which looks too conservative for the youth market. Or possibly it is a tactic to keep onto Saturn buyers because they move towards middle-aged respectability? Only GM knows without a doubt...

With the L300's days numbered what matters to Saturn may be the way that these quirky machines are now being received through the market - and just how the equivalent products from rival Scion compare on sales. Only if that shakes out will GM be sure that the brand includes a life in front of it.

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