Scion Logo

Another brand from Toyota, essentially tailored for the younger end of the American marketplace. Scion is just just starting to roll out at full strength, being piloted in California then gradually taken into other states having a young demographic. At the moment there is a three car line-up, but this really is expected to grow since the brand establishes itself.

Toyota’s rationale during the time of launching the brand was candid; the marquee is really a boutique product referred to as “a new type of vehicles targeted at a new generation of shoppers who actively seek-out the most recent trends however you like and innovation” and therefore the brand can respond more quickly than other Toyota divisions to fashion changes.

The main part of the experience is the fact that buyers might have the car tailored to their personal needs, therefore the basic models should be considered foundations. The idea would be to recapture the glory days of what Tom Wolfe referred to as “Kandy Colored Tangerine Flake Streamline Babies.”

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