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Volkswagen Group's Spanish outpost is constantly on the build up its successes not only in its homeland, but across all markets where it features a presence.

Pulling from the neat trick of combining German quality with Latin flair has ensured a good following for the brand. New for 2004-5 may be the Altea, a bold reinterpretation of the multipurpose vehicle which throws inside a good deal of sporting character.

This positions the vehicle against the forthcoming Mercedes-Benz's A-Class replacement, however with two distinct advantages; it's first in this area, and it is priced to represent considerably less expensive.

Also new for 2005 may be the latest generation of Toledo, that is considerably more chic than its predecessor because of bold styling much like that of the Altea.

Essentially value and sporting nature are in the heart of almost all Seats - just the ageing Alhambra breaks that tradition.

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