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When the butt of the thousand bad jokes, and rivalling only Lada when it comes to awfulness. Skoda today is one of Europe's most highly-regarded automakers.

Part of the Volkswagen Group but permitted to develop its range of models. Skoda enjoys three-car line-up with a few unique derivatives unavailable elsewhere within the VOLKSWAGEN empire.

Included in this are the Superb sedan, which shares much using the Passat but includes a longer-wheelbase, and the diesel-engined pocket hot-shot that's the Fabia vRS.

Build quality is great, and is reflected in high residual values. A newly-introduced second generation of Octavia continues to be gaining much-deserved plaudits because of its excellent mixture of performance and solidity of build.

The Zoomster suggests a gradual move towards a definite identity for Skoda, on the other hand expect the current range to develop, with more interesting models scheduled to reach from the Czech manufacturer throughout the coming year.

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