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Originally aided within the development of its selection of 4x4 sports utility vehicles by Mercedes-Benz. Korean car maker Ssangyong later became a part of the mighty Daewoo empire, as well as for several years in the end of the 1990s its products were bought from some markets underneath the Daewoo badge.

However Daewoo went to the wall, and Ssangyong were able to extract itself from that deal. Since that time it has launched several new or updated models; establishing itself as a solid third-largest marque in the native land.

Success on one level is matched by exposure in others, though, and also at the point of writing the near future of this debt-laden business (that was forced to market of chunks of itself to its creditors) is not even close to secure.

It might be a shame if Ssangyong ended up being to disappear: celebrate some good vehicles which could continue to attract buyers. The actual problem facing the brand is to discover partner that it may trust to assist it make its distance to a wider world.

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