Suzuki Jimny

Suzuki Jimny

A robust little sports utility obtainable in both hardtop (estate) and soft top forms, the Jimny is extremely capable dirt, but the downside is on-road performance that feels vague and unpredictable.

Jimny does, however, possess a certain charm, and it is popular amongst hill-dwelling folk who appreciate being able to deal with slippery conditions.

The estate is sensible, but the soft top car is more fun, due to the fact it offers a means of communing with nature and feels as though a proper little Jeep.

The funky styling, which seems to look both modern and classic 4x4 simultaneously, helps keep up with the model's appeal.

Car Details
Body Shell: 
2/3 Door SUV
4 Cylinder Petrol
5 Speed Manual 4x4
Price (USD): 
From $16,000
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