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Tata's place as India's second-biggest car manufacturer is most likely doing its customers a favour; second place players usually go the extra mile.

The four car group of Tata used to virtually unknown outside of the far east before company did an offer with Rover to market in its Indica V2, suitably re-badged since the City Rover.

Indica is as simple as a long way probably the most technologically advanced Tata; its other main car; the Indigo, looks far more conservative since it is conservative, to match its intended buyer profile.

The passenger cars are accompanied by a sports utility that takes on Toyota and Nissan, amongst others, along with a substantial 4x4 that is both popular and practical inside a part of the world that routinely gets ravaged by floods.

Part of the major industrial group; Tata has ambitions outside its homeland, but even it that expansion involves nothing the organization is well-placed to develop in line with the rapidly-expanding population of the sub-continent, that is expected to get to be the world's biggest nation (overhauling China) within the next ten years.

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