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Now revelling in its new found status as the world's second largest motor manufacturer after General Motors; Toyota is celebrating by expanding its already-broad model range even more; this includes the long-awaited debut of their acclaimed Lexus brand in Japan.

New large sedans are going to be unveiled in Japan as well as in Europe the small car market has several new models because of arrive in the next 12 months.

Being all things to any or all people is really a tough act to follow, though, plus some industry critics are worried that Toyota may be about to 'do a Mitsubishi' and over-stretch itself.

We reckon such fears are unfounded and may expect consolidation of their Number Two status. Part of Toyota's success is due to the new brands it's launched (Scion in addition to Lexus) the core strength of their success is due to an enviable track record of quality and sturdiness.

They may be unexciting to look at and specifications, but Toyotas would be the Volvos of the eastern world.

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