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The Blackpool Bombers still come rumbling and snarling out of the factory, underneath the astute guidance of Peter Wheeler who stays for the moment, despite TVR recently becoming Russian-owned.

The number is ever-broadening, driven in part by an ever more successful number of race campaigns which are subsequently translated towards the road. The most recent addition towards the range may be the Sagaris, an utterly outrageous development of the already-radical T350.

This machine continues to be created to compete in race events for production vehicles, however the chances are that someone is going to be out there terrorising Mondeo drivers having a Griffith even as you're reading this.

Also new may be the latest Tuscan, which adds yet more aerodynamic aids towards the already swoopy machines. Even clients who have to be satisfied with models in the lower end of the TVR range is going to be buying themselves machines which deliver performance, excitement and enjoyment in equal measure. This is actually the heavy metal and of the car industry.

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