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Consistently Europe's second-biggest brand after Ford, General Motors’ big brand has launched a hugely significant model, the brand new Astra.

Initial response continues to be very positive - however it needs to be, since the car offers quite a bit riding onto it. It also serves to make the Corsa look wear and tear; a replacement isn't due tor another year.

Further in the scale the Vectra is constantly on the sell consistently, and also the Signum is beginning to make inroads to the executive territory - although as Ford discovered in the 1980s, it comes with an entrenched potential to deal with anything other compared to traditional three-box sedan on this sector, therefore the replacement Omega (due in 2006) cannot come in no time for some dealers.

The VX220 is really a radical machine that's helping raise GM's street credibility in Europe, and also the Meriva is also selling well. The brand new Tigra moves on a long way in the previous car to deal with that nameplate, and also the Monaro is now for sale as a Vauxhall in Britain and Opel elsewhere in Europe. Overall, things are looking great for GM in Europe.

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