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In the past 5 years since Ford assumed ownership of the Swedish brand, Volvo has totally reinvented itself. From as being a brand known to make solid, reliable, safe cars - all metaphors for boring, within the automotive world - it today makes cars that enhance the pulse: to those core values it's
added stylish body designs and exciting mechanical packages.

As a result there is now a higher desirability factor right over the range. The most recent entrant in the line-up replaces the one last worthy but dull survivor of the old regime, the S40.

This joins character-filled machines like the V70 R the XC-90, and also the slick S60, which are contenders for the best in class.

Volvos executive express S80 has additionally been face lifted recently, and rumours are rife that browsing the wings are interesting new models for example an S40 coupe along with a small sports utility vehicle.

Volvo needs to keep broadening its range without dissipating core values - but that really should not be a problem towards the Swedish teams behind the brand.

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